Keymantics becomes KMTX

Whenever a business rebrands, people always ask… why? The question is a simple one to answer, and in the case of KMTX even more so. Our previous brand – name, colours, logo, site, tone, attitude – doesn’t suit us anymore. It doesn’t fit.

Often the decision comes from a commercial reality, a roadblock in the growth of a business or an issue with a particular market. None of this is true in our case. We’re exploding commercially in France, clients and agencies are continually adding budget to their campaigns with us and the results they’re seeing are stellar. With that in mind, why change? After all, if it ain’t broke… don’t fix it.

We talk internally about being in stealth mode since the business was created in 2017. The first two years were spent on R&D, developing the solution and beginning our path of solving the most difficult technical problems in marketing and advertising. However, even after our commercial launch in January 2019, we’ve remained somewhat stealth. Our sales teams have grown, our meetings have increased and we’ve closed more and more deals with agencies and advertisers. But unlike most AdTech businesses, we haven’t talked about ourselves. We’re not in the list of ‘fastest growing startups in France’, even though by our calculations we’d be number one. Our logo doesn’t appear on the Lumascape, or pixel number 4,378 from the right in the central section surrounded by dark bl… ah screw it, you get the idea.

That needs to change. We’re going global, and exploring the opportunity that exists for our market leading technology outside our home base. 

We’re called KMTX as a spin on our original name of Keymantics. Keymantics described very well what we were before: a platform combining keywords with semantic data. That’s still part of our offering, but not where we’re headed. Just like the explorers that went before us, we’re relying on our scientific skills, our engineering acumen, our data diligence to break new ground and build a new world.

When we demonstrate for new clients our new features, the wow factor is immediate. The way we can choose any target, any consumer choice, any brand and show how we’d run a campaign, that’s our ‘secret sauce’. But we can’t wait for that demo or introduction to meet potential customers any more. We need to find them, and as soon as they see us, they need to know that we mean business.

That’s because we deliver “media decisions built with science”. We’ve incorporated science into our brand by making it resemble a chemical compound or a formula. Our founders and the entire team are genuine tech people, delivering advertising campaigns using a scientific approach, not intuition. We wanted our brand to be slick and clinical and as a team we’re excited to start growing outside of France.

We’re happy to have reached this point in our journey to building an open and fair advertising ecosystem, and now that KTMX is live, we’re even happier to demonstrate how we’re going to do that. Watch this space.