We build the most advanced software for a scientific approach to media decisions.

Semantic Audiences

  • Keyword based
  • Transparent
  • Effective

Semantic Audiences

Semantic Audiences are KMTX’s custom and transparent alternative to obscure and generic third-party segment solutions.

Target users with keywords based on real-time and historical browsing, delivering full transparency and control over your targeting.

Our clients observe a performance uplift of 50 to 300% in comparison with standard data segmentation, thanks to the precision of Semantic Audiences keyword data.

AI Media Trading

  • Self-optimizing
  • High frequency
  • 24/7 trading

AI Media Trading

Let our AI manage your campaigns from end- to-end, ensuring a setup optimized well beyond human capability.

A media trader can only run a few daily optimizations, allowing for a dozen variables. Our AI optimizes your campaign 24/7 at high frequency, running continuous experiments and analyzing thousands of variables.

AI Media Trading allows KMTX clients to achieve campaign performances which were previously unattainable through programmatic buying.

Programmatic Data Cloud

  • Log-level data
  • Real-time
  • Granular

Programmatic Data Cloud

Programmatic Data Cloud is the underlying software which powers all KMTX solutions.

It is the result of three years continuous R&D, rethinking the way log-level data is collected, processed and activated. It is the most granular data processing solution in the world. Leveraging state-of-the-art approaches in NLP, Real-Time Processing and Machine Learning.

Programmatic Data Cloud is key to the flexibility, velocity and innovation of KMTX, allowing us to redefine the boundaries of possibility in programmatic advertising.

Data-Driven Media Plans

  • Data-driven strategy
  • Full delivery forecasts
  • Performance guarantees

Data-Driven Media Plans

Plan your campaigns with data-driven strategies and not intuition or instinct. Find the optimal setup to ensure return on ad spend.

We use our predictive solutions along with Affinity Scores to forecast the full delivery of your campaigns from Impression to Lead.

Data-Driven media plans guarantee campaign performance by identifying optimal setups and avoiding pitfalls prior to campaign launch.

Persona Profiles

  • Unique Behavioural Patterns
  • Marketing Insights
  • Affinity Scores

Persona Profiles

Discover the unique online behavioral patterns of your target market: better understand who your key audiences are, and how to target them.

We analyze your target personas or website visitors to compute detailed audience profiles, allowing you to identify discriminant criteria thanks to Affinity Scores.

With KMTX Persona Profiles, discover new targeting strategies, investment opportunities and marketing insights on your key audiences to ensure campaign success.

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