Don't ever build an AdTech company".
One of the first things our CTO, Franck, told our CEO, Arthur, when they met in 2013

At the time, Franck was founding Doctolib, which became one of the first French unicorns, while Arthur was in the process of creating MotionLead, the first French business incubated by YCombinator and later acquired by Adikteev, a French AdTech business.

In 2017, Arthur was frustrated by the lack of transparent data-driven solutions in digital advertising. He envisioned the solution, but it required exceptional tech talent to become reality.

Thanks to their friendship, ambitious vision and the highly technical challenges they both saw in the solution, Franck and Arthur created KMTX, and the advice that led to their friendship became obsolete. This attitude defines how KMTX is led. We challenge everything even if we think it is true. We have no room for ego.

After two years of research and development, rethinking how digital data is collected, processed and activated in online advertising, KMTX launched a commercial offering in 2019. Since then we’ve grown faster than any other French AdTech business and now have over 150 clients who’ve run more than 500 campaigns.

Backed by investment from BPI France and Elaia Partners, previous investors in Teads and Criteo, KMTX has now grown to a team of 30 people in three countries, with brands such as Samsung, Microsoft and Toyota among our regular clients.

Our Vision

Programmatic advertising sucks right now. Marketers have never had access to so much information on potential customers, though media decisions are still built upon intuition instead of data. Too often the ecosystem continues to fail the advertisers, publishers and users who pay for it through opaque business practices, privacy violations and poor data-management capabilities. The answer is a full-service advertising stack powering data-driven media investment.

Our Mission

We solve some of the most difficult problems in marketing and advertising. We believe that a scientific approach to media decisions can build an open and fair digital advertising ecosystem. Using our data and technology, marketers can make transparent and efficient media decisions.