At KMTX you're working with a team led by genuine tech founders. For the technology, camaraderie and ambition of the entire team"

Working at KMTX

We are a genuine tech business. We believe that science and technology are the most important drivers of change in today’s world. And change is needed, especially in the world of online advertising.

We’re focused on solving the most difficult problems in marketing and advertising to build an ecosystem which values performance and respects privacy. Because online advertising kinda sucks and isn’t about to change, we’ve taken matters into our own hands.

The core value at KMTX is 10x, because we know that small increments don’t drive change. Anything we do, every change we make, everything we work on must be 10 times better than what already exists.

It goes the same for hiring. We hire people that are 10 times better than us. People who want to tackle 10x challenges. People who think forward and challenge the status quo. Those who get out of their comfort zone and have no fear of failure. People who have a high-level of self-expectation but don’t value ego. People with humility alongside a hunger for achievement. These are the people you’ll work with.

We also know that in order to perform at their best, people need to be happy. Working hard isn’t about setting aside your comfort and personal life. We take care of our employees to create a sane work and life environment.

On this page you’ll find out about our team both inside and outside the office and probably see pictures of our dogs, cats… maybe the odd goldfish. You’ll also have a glimpse of how we’ve adapted to remote work during the pandemic, look through the perks of working for us and naturally, be able to search open positions matching your skills and experience. We’d love to hear from you.

Work Environment

Our work environment is built on trust, delivery and mentoring.

We provide you with all the high-end equipment you need to get work done. Whatever you need, you’ll get.

Everyone is approachable with no hierarchy or politics.

We provide a clear salary policy and rating system, allowing you to have a proper understanding of how to increase your seniority.

Perks & Benefits

We offer competitive salaries and standard working benefits of a French contract.

As well as access to Swile for lunch tickets (a subsidized lunch system), 100% simple and digital private health coverage by Alan and free access to a variety of sport and exercise options through Gymlib.

You’ll also have access to a dedicated training and conference budget because if you improve, we improve.

Office & Remote

We are a remote friendly business, with a headquarters in central Paris, right next to a metro station and with a sensational view on the Eiffel Tower. It’s right at the end of our street.

We also have employees in the UK and Germany.

One of the benefits of working from our office is that you’re able to take advantage of our catering: every day our kitchen is topped with free drinks and snacks.

Team Spirit

We hold regular team building events and an annual retreat to celebrate the work we’ve achieved, usually in an exceptional location.

We’re a multilingual global office, and we hold regular lunch time gaming tournaments. Usually FIFA or CS:GO, TF2 and much more if that’s your thing.

We also have a special employee called Leo, some say he’s a tiny lion, but it’s more likely that’s a very cute and friendly dog.


Open positions

Help us solve the most difficult technical problems in marketing and advertising. Look for open positions below, or contact us via this link

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    Senior Back-end Engineer

    Paris - Fully Remote Full time

    You'll need the ability to (co-)define and deliver a technical vision, as well as a proven track record of delivering high scale products. We need someone with extensive experience mentoring junior engineers and the ability to communicate on your topics for blogs, meetups and conferences.